You’ll be able to edit tweets on Twitter soon – here’s how

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Twitter has confirmed that edited tweets are in testing, and will be rolling out to some Twitter Blue subscribers within the next few weeks.

Edited tweets are something of a holy grail for Twitter users. We’ve all been in a situation on the platform where we’ve tweeted something out quickly, but there’s a big typo. But by the time we’ve realized it, it’s too late to delete it.

Edited tweets look to change this, with Twitter explaining in a blog post how the feature will work. With the feature still in testing some things may change – the 30-minute time limit might be shortened or extended based on feedback – but for now it will allow users to edit a tweet for up to 30 minutes after it was posted, with a label being added to tweets that are changed.

A user can also click on this label to view the tweet’s history, so you can read what the tweet looked like originally for clarity.

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The company has explained that it will be rolled out to some Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming weeks, but with this subscription service only available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for now, users in the UK and other countries will miss out on the test.

Regardless, to see more confirmation that edited tweets are being worked on and will soon be available to some users is a welcome sight, and could be the biggest change to how we use Twitter that’s come in recent years.

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