This money-saving Microsoft Edge update might finally motivate you to switch from Google Chrome

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Microsoft is working on a Wallet function for its Chromium-based Edge web browser that could deliver users some serious savings.

Microsoft Edge has long been available with a tool that offers to securely save your payment card information, like the 16-digit card number, expiry date, and even the CVV code.

The new update hopes to make online shopping on Microsoft Edge even more effortless, rivalling the likes of Apple’s Wallet with some additional benefits.

Microsoft Edge Wallet

The company added that as ever, card details are set to be stored securely so that not even Microsoft should be able to see them.

While Microsoft says it will not be working with credit card networks, nor will it share information with other companies, Windows Latest reports it intends to link up with its Bing Rebates program to automatically recommend coupons, much like the Honey browser extension

Windows Latest says such an approach could save users as much as $50 per year or more. Other benefits reported include automatic coupon application at checkout, Bing Rebates cashback where applicable, and personalized shopping deals.

The Edge Wallet is currently in testing for users on the Canary Channel, however Microsoft appears to be employing its A/B testing method, so not all testers will be able to try out the tool right away

Furthermore, the feature only seems to be available to users in the US, however it’s expected that this should roll out to more countries in the coming months. 

At first, the Wallet will be available to Edge users on the latest Windows 11 OS and the previous iteration – Windows 10

While there are macOS, iOS, and Android versions of the browser, these are likely to experience a delay in the rollout, at which point, users will likely be able to benefit from the data syncing automatically between devices similar to the Apple Keychain that autofills payment details for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users.

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