ChromeOS is copying one of the best video call features from macOS

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Google could be about to upgrade the ChromeOS video calling interface with a bunch of new features, reports suggest.

Tech giants and even lesser known companies are all battling it out to provide the best video conferencing platform in an area of the market that has grown significantly in recent years, following an increase in home working since the start of the pandemic.

Google is very often tinkering with its Meet video calling tool, but the latest features could be reserved for the company’s own hardware (or at least machines running ChromeOS).

As reported by 9to5Google, a new code change suggests background blur could be on its way to video tools on the company’s own operating system, provided the host device features an 11th or 12th generation Intel processor powerful enough to handle the load.

ChromeOS webcam

9to5Google also found a comment on some of the new code that indicates that the company may be testing out its portrait relighting tool, which is available on many recent Pixel phones, for ChromeOS.

In an effort to take on Apple, it’s possible that we may also see a rival to the macOS and iPadOS Centre Stage, which requires Apple’s M-series silicon to function. We have already seen Auto Framing available in the now-discontinued Google Duo, so to see the feature reincarnated and refined is a reasonable expectation.

Along with some pretty significant updates to the video camera interface, other less significant changes have been found in the code, including a potential warning for unstable or unreliable network connections.

With the cost of living at an all-time high, this could be a sign that Google is hoping to attract macOS and Windows users to its own ecosystem, which has been growing steadily and now comprises smartphones, laptops, and plenty of smart home tech that is all designed to integrate together.

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