Microsoft Teams is really going all-out to make sure you never miss a meeting again

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Keeping track of your ever-changing Microsoft Teams calendar could soon be easier than ever thanks to a new update.

The video conferencing service has revealed it is working on a new feature that will allow users to “pop out” the meeting they are on, so that they may carry out other tasks while the call continues.

The company says that the move, which could be a huge boost in productivity for Microsoft Teams users, will allow users to create a new meeting, check their chats, or edit their files without needing to switch between apps.

Microsoft Teams pop-out meetings

In its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company notes that users will now be able to, “pop-out an existing meeting using the pop-up icon in a Teams calendar scheduling form”. 

Their meeting will still be visible while they are doing other tasks, and there’s no need to switch between different apps.

The feature is still listed as being “in development” for now, but has an expected release date of October 2022, so users won’t have to wait too long. When released, it will be available for Microsoft Teams users across desktop, web and Mac.

The update is the latest in a series of improvements made to Microsoft Teams as the company looks to make its platform more intuitive to use.

The company recently revealed it is working on an “Interactive Large Gallery” upgrade that will mean your calls will now include feeds from up to 49 video participants at once. Users can interact with others via actions like pin and spotlight, and observe their meeting activity like raise hand and reactions.

When it comes to exiting a call, another newly announced feature will allow users to leave a meeting from all their devices with a single tap – useful for those who may have joined a meeting using multiple personal devices, for example when travelling or working from a shared office or public location.

However in slightly more upsetting news, Microsoft Teams also recently announced it would be adding hold music for users unlucky enough to have their call transferred.

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