Major Adobe Elements 2023 update blurs line between photo and video editing

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Adobe has launched Photoshop Elements 2023 and Premiere Elements 2023, introducing a slew of simple, streamlined editing effects to bring images and movies to life. 

In a massive update to both programs, the subscription-free photo editor and video editor for Windows and Mac have been further infused with the power of Adobe Sensei, the company’s ubiquitous AI. 

The company says its goal is to make video and photo manipulation more efficient, whatever the user’s skill level. 

What’s new in Photoshop Elements 2023 & Premiere Elements 2023?

As with Photoshop and Premiere Pro, artificial intelligence runs deep in the latest editions in the Elements family. Adobe clearly believes AI is key to making their toolstack accessible to all. 

Turning static images into moving photos is one of the most eye-catching examples of AI-at-work in the new Photoshop Elements 2023. 

At a virtual press briefing attended by TechRadar Pro, Adobe showed how adding moving features to still images is a simple process. When selecting Sky or Background, Adobe Sensei automatically adds the appropriate effect. But by manually selecting an area, users can set travel speed and direction. AI will handle the rest. In Adobe’s example, it took less than a minute to recreate a gushing waterfall in a static image. Results can be exported in MP4 or social media-friendly GIFs. 

New effects in Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

Guided edits have long been a part of the Adobe Elements software, effectively guiding users looking to make simple edits to their media. In the 2023 edition, a new Guided edit allows users to add “natural and realistic” peek-through overlays to add depth to images. It’s not quite as impressive as creating the effect in Photoshop, but it certainly appears to be easier. 

For those looking to create dramatic images, new patterns, backgrounds, and even skies can also be added with apparent ease. 

Adobe continues its attempts to bridge the gap between photo editing and video editing –  last seen with the introduction of image manipulation for videos in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.  

In Premiere Elements 2023, one of the best alternatives to Premiere Pro, the roll-out of artistic effects continues to blur the distinction between editing photos and videos. These are essentially filters inspired by legendary artists, artwork, and art-styles. Already a core feature of Photoshop Elements, this effect can now be applied to users’ videos. 

New effects in Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023

(Image credit: Adobe)

And, again, Adobe highlights how simple this process can be. Users need only add a video, select an effect, and let the artificial intelligence manage the output. New music samples have also been added from the Adobe Stock library.

But it’s the under-the-hood improvements that are likely to catch the eye of many. Lighter than previous iterations, Adobe says installs are now 35% faster and programs launch 50% faster. With full Apple M1 support, the company estimates performance gains of up to 70% on Macs. 

Adobe has also announced the launch of a three-way ‘connected experience’. Releasing web and mobile apps for iOS and Android – both currently in beta – users will be able to view and share media on their phones, or create basic edits and effects from their browser. These also include a free 2GB of cloud storage for photos and videos.

“We believe everyone should be able to create anything they imagine. With Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, anyone can bring their creative visions to life in new ways with AI-powered editing, hands-on learning content, and the flexibility to enjoy their creative content from any location,” said Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media Marketing, Strategy & Global Partnerships at Adobe.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2023 and Photoshop Elements 2023 are available now. The company has confirmed there is no change to the existing pricing plans, meaning individual programs are $99.99 / £86.56 or $79.99 / £70.91 to upgrade. The Adobe Elements bundle runs to $149.99 / £130.36; the upgrade is $119.99 / £107.41

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