Apple TV and Apple Music, plus Photos support for iCloud, are coming to Windows 11

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At Microsoft’s Surface event, it was announced that you’ll be able to access your iCloud Photos from within the updated Windows 11 Photos app, coming soon to Windows 11 as an update in November.

In addition to this, dedicated Apple TV and Apple Music apps will be available in 2023, which means iTunes for Windows is finally being replaced.

While you’ve been able to view your photos through the iCloud for Windows app for a number of years, there was no way to view them through Windows 11’s Photos app. This update solves that issue, while reflecting how you can view your synced media on macOS through Apple’s Photos app.

While Apple TV and Apple Music are coming to Windows 11 in 2023, Insider users are able to test Photos now, long with other features that may or may not be coming to Windows in the future.

Analysis: iTunes on Windows is long past its prime

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Being able to view content that’s on your iOS device in Windows has been difficult at best, with the iCloud for Windows app having barely been updated in recent years, and failing to match what Apple users have been given in recent software updates to iOS and macOS, such as Memories and the ability to find people through Faces.

It was also becoming awkward to use iTunes in Windows 11 after it had been discarded by Apple with macOS Catalina and replaced with Apple Music, so this is another finally.

Seeing a dedicated app for Apple TV also makes sense, as you can currently only view content through a web browser, which isn’t the best experience for watching Ted Lasso.

Overall, these are welcome updates that are all long overdue. Users will soon be able to access their photos and films much more easily – and everyone benefits, including Microsoft and Apple.

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