It’s even easier to install a boot-up video for your Steam Deck thanks to this app

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Thanks to a keen fan of the Steam Deck and its recent update that enables you to insert different boot-up videos when it first switches on, installing these is now one tap away.

Instead of having to find the folder to place your videos into, Ancient-Grand-46 has created an app that does all this for you, while also letting you choose which ones to install.

It’s a much easier way of differentiating your Steam Deck from others, especially if you’re restarting it often between SteamOS and Steam’s Desktop mode.

Using the Boot Manager is a much easier method

Steam Deck's boot-up video manager

(Image credit: Captainjsparrow)

I’ve been using this already on my Steam Deck, as it’s a matter of going to its webpage and selecting the ‘Download on FlatHub‘ option when in Desktop mode.

Installing videos inspired by Futurama, Back to the Future and more is a fun time, especially as the handheld cycles through these at random every time you restart the device.

There’s currently no way of searching for a video that you have in mind, or sorting them through most downloaded or most recent for example, but it’s the easier method of downloading these regardless that makes this app one to keep for your Deck.

It was a challenge in doing this before, as you had to find the right folder, make sure that the video was in the right format and length, then reboot to make sure it all worked. With this app however it’s a much easier affair, and only makes me wonder what other videos could be available for the Deck soon.

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