Microsoft is taking on CCleaner to help your PC in a future Windows 11 update

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Microsoft is reportedly working on its own utility to help maintain your PC by recommending certain settings and deleting unused files and apps to help save space for a future Windows 11 update.

According to Windows Latest, it’s available on the Microsoft Store as a public beta, but the company seems to have hidden its availability for now.

Regardless, we were able to obtain a version of PC Manager and try it out for ourselves. While a third of its features refused to work, we could stop apps from running, while the ‘Boost’ feature was able to remove a bunch of temporary files, showing how much space it freed up. Such a clean-up job is typically handled by third-party products like CCleaner.

Microsoft Defender could be due for a big update

PC Manager in Windows 11

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Microsoft’s app already works well, regardless of it crashing (it’s clearly unfinished) but it’s fast and could eventually be a great feature for Windows 11.

It’s telling that Microsoft has decided to expand its Defender suite, which was meant to rival McAfee and Norton back in the days of Windows XP. Going to the ‘About’ page shows Microsoft Defender, so it could arrive as a new version of the company’s anti-virus suite in 2023.

So far, PC Manager is a promising start from Microsoft, which could signal that the company wants to double down on helping the user better manage their PC and delete files that are safe to remove, without them having to go deep into system folders.

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