Apple, let’s finally see our Fitness and Health info on our Macs and iPads too

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I’ve always loved checking those three rings on my Apple Watch and iPhone to make sure I can collect those Fitness badges. They remind me of the Gym badges from the Pokémon games, but I’m at the point where I want to see this and health info on my other Apple devices.

I use a MacBook Pro 14-inch daily, and while widgets on macOS are falling behind compared to what’s on offer in iOS and iPadOS, there’s currently no app where I can easily check my fitness goals or the helpful overviews in Health for my cardio and new trends.

The same (almost) goes for the iPad. While there’s a ‘Fitness’ app available, it’s only for Fitness Plus users to help perform the video workouts that are available as part of their subscriptions, which feels like a missed opportunity.

With macOS Ventura, iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1 all scheduled to arrive later today (October 24), I want to see Apple make these two apps available on every device, not just on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Let’s check those rings on macOS and iPadOS

iOS 16 Fitness Widgets on Home and Lock Screens

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Health matters to Apple – you see it everywhere, from the privacy settings that keep your information safe from others, to the many different features that Apple Watch offers in monitoring your heart, blood oxygen levels and more.

Checking your fitness on the new Lock Screen in iOS 16 is great, but I want Apple to go further. I want to see the ability to place extra-large fitness widgets on an iPadOS home screen, for example, or at least be able to see Health and Fitness updates that I can access from the macOS menubar.

All of these would be massively helpful to me and others, as we’d be able to see how our move goals are going without raising our wrists or tapping our iPhone displays.

Health isn’t limited to the smartphones we use – it’s everywhere, and it should be easier to access, rather than feeling like an exclusive feature to iOS and watchOS.

We’re at the point where we’re wondering what we could see in iOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS 14, and now that widgets finally have their place on iPhone and iPad, let’s see health and fitness arrive on Mac and iPad in as big a way as they have on Watch and iPhone for the last few years.

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