Instagram is down and suspending many accounts – here’s what we know

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It looks like Instagram is down. Millions of users have been trying to scroll through their feed on the app, but rather than being brought with photos or reels, people are discovering that their accounts are locked out.

As of the afternoon of Monday, October 31, Instagram seems incapable of letting many users access their accounts, although others can still log in as normal and scroll through their feeds.

We’ve fired up this live blog to bring you all the latest developments, while we – and hopefully the Instagram team at Meta – try to figure out what’s happening.

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If you’ve been getting this message, you’re not alone, but Instagram looks to be aware of the issue.

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Rejoice – looks like Instagram is looking into the issue now. Best thing is to grab a drink, and hopefully once you’re back, all of this will have blown over.

An illustration of Elon Musk drawn by thongyhod looking perplexed at falling Twitter logos

(Image credit: Shutterstock / thongyhod / Twitter)

After the news earlier today that Twitter CEO Elon Musk is wanting to charge for the blue tick, and now Instagram is down, could we see a hat trick soon of another social platform having issues?

Snapchat ceases to snap?

Facebook ceases to face?

MySpace ceases to space? Again?

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This is an example from @QueenVIP8 of how her Instagram account was suddenly locked out for no reason.

Again, if you only open up Instagram to look at dog pictures once a day and you’re wondering why you’ve been locked out, don’t panic – it’s a bug, and Instagram is aware.

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This was how the issue was discovered – countless users were realizing that their follower count was shrinking very quickly, and eventually others would share on Twitter how their account would be suspended for no reason.

While there’s no word from the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri yet, we’re waiting to hear back from the company as to when the issue will be resolved.

LinkedIn post from Instagram comms team

(Image credit: Cameron V – LinkedIn)

This was posted from the Communications team at Instagram in the UK, where he states that it is ‘related to a tech issue happening’ within the app, and it’s being looked into.

We’re still waiting for an update, but you get the feeling that it’s battlestations at Meta currently, trying to find a fix for this.

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