You can now print emoji in Google Workspace spreadsheets, should you ever want to

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Users of Google Workspace will soon be able to enjoy their emoji-filled spreadsheets in physical form thanks to a new update to the service.

The company has revealed it will be enabling offline printing for those Google Sheets users working on a document with offline access.

In order to ensure you get the full benefit of the spreadsheet software service though, Google Workspace has also made emojis and system fonts included in offline printing for the first time.

Google Sheets emoji

In a Google Workspace update blog post announcing the news, the company notes that the feature is only available to those using the Google Chrome browser for the time being.

Users will be able to print out their spreadsheet by navigating to File > Print, or save it to Google Drive as before.

The company has been slowly introducing emojis across the entire Google Workspace ecosystem as it looks to make using the platform more enjoyable and customizable for users everywhere.

Recently, a new Google Docs update allowed users to search for and insert emojis directly inline with the text. Users will now simply need to type in “@” followed by the term, emotion, object or whatever other thing they need to bring up a pop-up menu of emojis.

The company’s Google Chat service also recently announced it would be allowing users to create and use their own custom emojis to be used within your personal and work conversations. 

Users can create custom emojis in the web versions of Chat or Gmail by navigating to the “Create” button within the emoji picker. There, they can upload an image of your choice and give it a descriptive name, and then use the custom emoji while sending or reacting to messages in Chat. 

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