Windows 11 update will fix the taskbar but it’s still not good enough

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The redesigned taskbar in Windows 11 has seen a bunch of improvements since it first debuted in October 2021, and now an upcoming update looks set to give you the option to ungroup apps and expand the area that displays the time, so seconds are shown as well.

The first major update to Windows 11 tweaked the taskbar, but there were still complaints from users that it remained too restricted in features compared to the taskbar in Windows 10.

Analysis: Refinement is the aim here

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The feedback on Windows 11’s taskbar has been more divisive than even Microsoft might have predicted when redesigning it, and that could be down to how major the change has been for some.

Instead of a Start icon at the left of the taskbar, it’s at the center, with features, such as grouping apps and enabling Task Manger being absent since its debut.

Thanks to the first major update that debuted in September 2022, there’s a new way to manage an overflow of apps on the taskbar, alongside being able to change how many apps are displayed on the Start menu, which makes both seem less cluttered, and should be an answer to some of the complaints Microsoft has been receiving. 

With major improvements continuing to come to the taskbar, it’s clear that Microsoft is nowhere near done when it comes to listening to feedback and refining the feature further. Will it be enough to make people love the Windows 11 taskbar? I’m not too sure, but even small tweaks like this will be welcome.

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