Video calls are finally getting better for virtual machine users

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The video calling experience for some virtual machine (VM) users is about to get a whole lot better thanks to a new Google Meet upgrade.

In a post on the Google Workspace blog, the company noted, “If you use a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) such as Citrix or VMWare to join Google Meet calls, you’ll notice an increase in video and audio quality.”

Going forward, the platform will detect whether a user is joining from a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) like Citrix or VMWare, and then automatically adjust for better performance. 

Google Meet on VMs

It’s not just video and audio quality that are getting a handy boost, but the stress placed on your VM should also notably drop.

“This optimization will also help cut down on the demand put on your VDIs, such as CPU, GPU, and memory usage, helping improve meeting quality and overall performance,” Google added.

To benefit from the new optimization, admins will need to complete some setup steps, including enabling the Enterprise Hardware Platform API policy in Chrome, which will allow Meet to detect that it’s running inside a VM. Once set up, end users won’t need to do anything extra.

The rollout has already begun, but will be a gradual process that means some users may need to wait up to 15 days to get access. 

Virtually all enterprise users with a VM will be able to notice a difference, because every Google Workspace customer (including legacy G Suite accounts) are included in this update.

This is just one update that joins a number of improvements to the Meet video conferencing platform aimed at improving the experience for business users. The company recently announced a cooperation with Zoom that would see Meet users able to join Zoom calls from within the Meet interface, and vice versa.

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