Microsoft testing a new Windows 11 screen recorder so you can stop using the Xbox Game Bar

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Better late than never as they say: Microsoft is testing out a new screen recording tool to capture on-screen content for Windows 11. The long-awaited utility will make its home in the native Snipping Tool.

Prior to this, people would typically use the Xbox Game Bar’s capture feature but it doesn’t offer a lot of control over what or how you can record. What’s most interesting about the upcoming feature is users will now have that much-needed control. Like the image snipper, you can select portions of the screen or a specific app to focus on before recording, which can save you a ton of time during editing.

Currently, the feature is only available through the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. It’s also rolling out in waves so not everyone will have it initially. When you do get it, the Snipping Tool will have a new Record button next to Snip. You can watch a preview of the video you just created before saving or sharing it with others.

Fixing bugs

Microsoft admits the tool is a little buggy in its current state. The announcement makes mention of a small delay between clicking Start and when the actual recording begins. And apparently, there are moments when the Snipping Tool window doesn’t come back after “initiating a new snip…” Microsoft is asking users to report any new Snipping Tool bugs to them via the Feedback Hub.

Speaking of bugs, Windows 11 has new patches available from the Insider Program that we should mention. They’re split across two separate preview builds: Build 22621.1028 and 22623.1028. Across the two patches, the updates are minor quality-of-life changes that address consistency issues and improve energy plan recommendations. Be aware that the patches are still in preview at the time of this writing, and there are some kinks left to work out.

It’s unknown when the screen recorder will officially launch, although it probably won’t be for a while. We asked Microsoft if it could at least give us a release window, but a company representative told us the company is keeping its lips sealed for now.

If you don’t want to wait and would like a third-party solution, TechRadar recently updated its best free screen recorders for both Windows and Mac. We even list out key features to look for when picking one. 

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