You can now see exactly when you were mentioned in a Microsoft Teams call

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If you think your co-workers might have been talking about you in secret, a new Microsoft Teams feature might be able to solve the problem for good.

Some users of the popular video conferencing service will soon be able to see exactly when their name was mentioned in a Microsoft Teams meeting, as well as who mentioned their name, and in what context.

The new addition is an update to Microsoft Stream, which looks to offer a more intuitive way to interact with your video calls and meetings, and will also allow the user to skip right to the required moment in the call.

Microsoft Teams mentions

In its entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the new Timeline markers feature notes that it looks to help users spot exact mentions of their name during a call.

The new markers (to signify a mention) will appear as icons above the video timeline, giving users a clear visual view. The markers are also personalized, so that only you can see when your name was mentioned.

However, the feature won’t be available to all Microsoft Teams users – at least not to begin with. The company notes that only users who have enrolled in its Microsoft Teams Premium preview or have purchased the Microsoft Teams Premium add-on offering will be able to access it for now.

This does suggest that the feature is only operating as a trial for now, and that it could be available to a wider audience soon. The initial build of the feature is slated for a February 2023 release, meaning we won’t have too long to wait to try it out.

Available now, Microsoft Teams Premium offers a range of upgraded features, alongside more customization and personalization options. 

The platform allows companies to add their own branding, customized backgrounds and Together Mode scenes to boost their presence in meetings. Setting them up will also be easier, with users able to choose from a range of meeting types that will be customizable by IT teams, to start with the right settings in place much faster.

Among the other new features are “Intelligent recap”, which uses AI to transcribe meetings, and can even translate them in real time into 40 different languages, helping to make meetings more inclusive. The AI can also label important moments and add chapters to recorded meetings for easy playback of relevant sections.

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