Adobe Summit: Customer experiences see AI shake-up

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Generative AI tools are about to surge through Adobe’s Experience Cloud as the company announced plans to expand existing AI innovations for businesses. 

The launch of Sensei GenAI services lets organizations create and customize custom-facing text across all touchpoints, in a move Adobe calls “a reimagining of end-to-end marketing workflows.”  

Revealed at Adobe Summit 2023, it’s part of the firm’s on-going AI deployment, aimed at making workflows more efficient and productive across the Adobe ecosystem. 

What’s new with Sensei for businesses?  

Arguably the biggest shake-up is the introduction of Adobe Firefly in Experience Cloud. It’s the company’s take on Midjourney and Stable Diffusion – an AI art generator with applications across Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Express.

Perhaps conscious of the controversies surrounding AI-generated artwork, the company confirmed that Firefly is “trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content and public domain content where copyright has expired, and will focus on images and text effects and is designed to generate content safe for commercial use.”

But the chief focus with Sensei GenAI services is on personalizing customer journeys, squeezing extra data from users and website visitors, and improving overall engagement. 

Natively integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud, and leveraging multiple large language models, Sensei GenAI will provide a host of new tools. 

These include an AI writer to generate marketing copy in a variety of styles and formats, from website content to email and mobile messaging. and new techniques to understand and refine interactions on websites using automated content marketing tool Marketo Engage. 

Adobe’s Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics see major changes, too. Users will be able to automatically create audience segments with real-time insights for more personalized campaigns. 

The generative AI is capable of simulating these campaigns, allowing users to test new experiences, identifying opportunities, friction, and barriers to sale before launch. 

“Adobe has a long history of unlocking AI as a co-pilot for marketers, and we have a vision for generative AI that covers the full lifecycle of customer experience management, with the enterprise-grade security and data governance that our customers expect.” said Amit Ahuja, Adobe’s senior vice president for Digital Experience Business.  

Business growth is driven by customer experiences, and generative AI is a transformative, foundational technology that will impact every aspect of how brands connect with their customers.” 

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