Shopify and Google Cloud team up to eliminate online shopping search abandonment

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Top ecommerce platform Shopify has extended its partnership with Google Cloud that it hopes will help retailers everywhere cut down on search abandonment and hopefully retrieve sales.

Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions will be the latest integration available through Commerce Components by Shopify, as research finds search abandonment costs retailers around the world more than $2 trillion annually.

Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions will be available to large brands globally to integrate directly with their online stores, with Commerce Components by Shopify. 

Shopify evolves  

The partnership is a continuation of Shopify’s enterprise solution (Commerce Components) that launched in January 2023.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud brings together the best in commerce with the best in search to unlock a trillion dollar opportunity for brands,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. 

“We know that 69% of consumers in the US alone say a store’s search is the most common way they shop, but only around 10% are getting consistently accurate search results. It’s a massive problem that we’re excited to help enterprise retailers solve through our continued work with Google.”

Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions include capabilities such as retail search to provide more accurate results for broad search queries online, and AI-powered personalization for product display and ordering once shoppers choose a category.

In addition, the tool also recognizes patterns in a consumer’s behavior, such as clicks, adds to cart, purchases, and other information to determine shopper taste and preferences.

“Google Cloud’s integration with Shopify enables brands to quickly deploy the power of AI,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. 

“By making it easier for retailers to create best-in-class product discovery experiences, shoppers can now find exactly what they want faster.” 

Commerce Components gives users access to over 275 points of presence to deliver 100ms average storefront API response times, and Google Cloud’s Discovery AI solutions are available globally to enterprise retailers using Commerce Components.

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