iOS 16.4 update may be coming soon to fix your iPhone’s Weather and Wi-Fi issues

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New reports suggest Apple is currently working on an emergency patch for the recently released iOS 16.4 as the company aims to fix several bugs.

Be aware nothing is in stone for iOS 16.4.1 as things could change at the last minute. But if we had to take a wild guess, the update will most likely address recent problems with the Weather app. iPhone owners across the internet, including our Senior News Editor Mark Wilson, have been experiencing “Weather Unavailable” notices on the Weather app’s widget leaving many unable to know their local forecast. It does appear Apple is aware of the problem. If you check the tech giant’s System Status page, the Weather service is listed as having ongoing issues and it may be “slow or unavailable” to people.

The second fix will probably patch up iOS 16.4 suddenly forgetting Wi-Fi networks and passwords forcing iPhone owners to re-enter the information. One Twitter user claims the error happens when a connection is dropped or if you switch networks even if the information is synced via iCloud

Persistent problems

It’s hard to say with total certainty what the rest of iOS 16.4.1 will bring; although there are a few clues. Others have experienced their phones heating up while charging alongside decreased battery performance. Some in the Apple Community forums imply this is a feature and not a bug as it may take up to 48 hours for an iPhone to “complete all the [necessary] behind-the-scenes tasks” post-update. Because the device is working overtime, sudden battery drain should be expected. However, it is worth pointing out that battery drain has been a persistent problem on iOS 16 since its launch. So it may also be an oversight on Apple’s part.

A release date for iOS 16.4.1 remains unknown, but a recent report from MacRumors states it could come out later this week or the next. Be sure to keep an eye out for any new patches.

As for future updates, the first iOS 16.5 beta has recently been released for developers to check out. Its contents also remain a mystery, but there are a couple of hints floating around. It appears the Apple News app will get a brand new Sports tab sitting in-between News Plus and Audio. Both the Following and Search tabs will be melded into one in order to make room. Additionally, it appears Apple will give iPhone owners the ability to record their screens using Siri.

Later this year, we expect Apple to debut iOS 17, which is set to introduce some major upgrades to first-party features like CarPlay. Be sure to check out TechRadar’s iOS 17 roundup and see our wish list for the update.

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