Our favorite free audio editor gets some long-awaited improvements

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Audacity, the popular open-source audio editor, has launched its version 3.2, promising to “transform the free audio software into a high performing end-to-end audio editing platform.”

Introducing major improvements across editing, mixing, and overall UX, Audacity is now positioning its free audio editor as a genuine alternative to Adobe Audition and Logic Pro for professional audio and podcasting productions. 

Alongside the long-awaited update comes audio.com. Billed as an audio-sharing platform, the beta stage product lets content creators upload, share, and publish music and audio. Users will also be able to upload audio through the Audacity app. 

What’s new in Audacity 3.2?  

Real-time effects support, non-destructive editing, and cloud storage through audio.com are the headline changes in Audacity 3.2. 

In pursuit of more precise audio editing, users will now be able to adjust effects made to the waveform in real-time. This will make it easier to add and remove effects, alter timings, and change the order at any stage during post. 

The long-awaited release of non-destructive editing allows greater flexibility to editing professionals, with the ability to trim and tweak clips without overwriting the audio file. 

With the launch of audio.com, Audacity users will now also gain the option of exporting audio files directly to the site. Stored in the cloud, users can then choose to keep their audio files private, share with friends, or share with the world. 

Elsewhere, Audacity 3.2 also delivers VST3 plugin support and an overhauled user interface, designed to make audio recording simpler and smarter. 

“Audacity 3.2 represents an important step towards making the open source software a fully-fledged DAW, and the only tool of this calibre available for free and accessible to all. With a new set of features for enhanced performance, Audacity 3.2 is faster and more intuitive, now offering a robust solution for multi-track recording and sophisticated editing and podcast productions,” said Martin Keary, Product Owner at Audacity.

Keary told TechRadar Pro, “Our aim is to continuously expand Audacity so that it is a more versatile and multi-functional tool. Audacity 3.2 brings powerful, high-performing production capabilities – with a focus on ease of use – so beginners and pros alike can benefit from them. We have also spent a lot of time ensuring that Audacity 3.2 is a highly accessible tool for those with various kinds of visual and mobility impairment. By introducing audio sharing via our new sister service, audio.com, Audacity is now a one-stop solution for recording, producing and sharing work with others.”

Audacity 3.2 is available to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux here.

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