Windows 11 bug that caused havoc with Nvidia GPUs is fixed

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Windows 11 22H2, which is the first big feature update for the OS, sadly introduced some problems for gamers, notably those with Nvidia graphics cards.

As we explained in a previous report, some folks with Nvidia GPUs found that their games were not running nearly as smoothly, and there’s nothing worse than applying an update to see that magic frames per second (fps) number drop down, making for jerky gameplay.

We heard that both Microsoft and Nvidia were investigating the cause of these issues, and Team Green has come forward with a fix.

Neowin brought our attention to Nvidia pinning down the cause, which was new graphics debugging tools in the big Windows 11 update which were being mistakenly triggered, therefore slowing everything down.

And the cure Nvidia has provided is to install a new beta of its GeForce Experience software, specifically version 3.26 as outlined here. Follow Nvidia’s instructions there, but to summarize the easiest way, that’s to open GeForce Experience, go into Settings, and then select ‘Enable Experimental Features’ (beta features, in other words).

After that, close the app – wait for 30 seconds apparently – and then fire up GeForce Experience again, whereupon it will update. You should then be good to go, and the frame rate gremlins will be banished (hopefully).

Analysis: Don’t want that beta? Luckily a release driver is imminent

Not everyone wants to install beta software, of course, because by its very nature, it can be problematic – the features provided are still in testing, after all. That means the fix may not work for some, possibly, and there’s also the chance that another fresh problem could be introduced somewhere. It wouldn’t be the first time a beta patch gave with one hand, and took with the other.

There’s also the fact that some gamers don’t have any truck with GeForce Experience at all, preferring to avoid it and simply use Nvidia’s bare graphics driver. At any rate, if you’re not keen on installing what’s available now, the good news is that there’s a new GeForce Game Ready Driver coming at some point this week – and you’ll be able to bag the fix with that. With any luck, that’ll just be a few days away now.

Note that some have raised the possibility that GeForce Experience was at least partly to blame for the stuttering and frame rate drops here, but those who don’t have it installed have also run into fps problems after upgrading to Windows 11 22H2, so this rules out that theory.

As a final note, GeForce Experience v3.26 ushers in 8K recording at 60 fps HDR for ShadowPlay, Nvidia’s screen recording tool – although this is for next-gen Lovelace GPUs, which are just around the corner.

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