Using Microsoft Teams on mobile should soon be a lot more enjoyable

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Getting the most out of Microsoft Teams on your smartphone could soon be a lot easier thanks to an update rolling out now.

First revealed back in September, the video conferencing company has revealed that transcription for 1:1 calls and group calls is now available on the Microsoft Teams app for Android, giving users the chance to review exactly what was said, or if any details were missed.

Users will also be able to start transcription for meetings on Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android, as well as being able to view the meeting transcripts after their calls have finished.

Microsoft Teams Android transcriptions

Both updates are rolling out to Android users of Microsoft Teams now, and will be made generally available to customers everywhere to enjoy.

The company has been working hard as always on producing a continual stream of Microsoft Teams updates aimed at improving usability and productivity for users everywhere.

Recently, this has included adding background effects to the web version of Microsoft Teams, meaning users will no longer have to download the desktop client or mobile app to gain access. This includes the ability to blur the background and add custom wallpapers behind the speaker, which Microsoft says should make calls “more fun and personal.” 

Users have also gained the ability to open shared meeting content in a new window, beneficial to workers running multiple business monitors, allowing participants to see the call’s attendees and check shared files and chat feeds while also viewing content shared by presenters.

Finally, Microsoft Teams users are now able to activate live translated captions in a range of languages when starting and setting up a call, with the platform allowing them to select live captions in the language of their choice, helping them gain better understanding with other participants, and allowing for more engagement on calls amongst teams or colleagues in different countries. 

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